SmithGroup at 2023 Healthcare Design Conference + Expo

CPMC Van Ness Admitting Lobby and Coffee Shop


Connect with SmithGroup healthcare design experts and thought leaders at the upcoming 2023 Healthcare Design Conference + Expo in New Orleans. HCD Conference + Expo aims to be a nexus for the latest research, trends and strategies for the healthcare design industry. Register through the conference website to attend. 

Saturday, November 4 | 12:00 – 4:00 PM 
Designing Equitable Experiences in Health Care 
Taft Cleveland 
This pre-conference workshop is an immersive session in identifying inequitable and exclusionary patient and family experiences and how to address them through design strategies. Healthcare planner Taft Cleveland reunites with Espy Harper of LS3P and Tammy Thompson of the Institute for Patient-Centered Design to continue sharing the insights of their research into inclusive design strategies for healthcare environments. Hosted by the Institute for Patient-Centered Design. 


Sunday, November 5 | 9:45 – 10:45 AM 
Contracting 101 – Don't Make These Costly Mistakes! 
Bart Stasa 
Specializing in AEC contracting, SmithGroup’s Chief Legal Officer Bart Stasa is teaming up with Lisa Del Gallo of Hanson Bridgett, LLP to lead a workshop in all the contract ins and outs that can make or break the success of any capital project. Hosted by the Association of Medical Facility Professionals (AMFP) and Texas A&M’s Center for Health Systems & Design as part of a “Lessons Learned” series. 


Sunday, November 5 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM 
Errors and Omissions 101 – Manage Your Risks, before a Claim Ruins Your Day! 
Bart Stasa 
SmithGroup Chief Legal Officer Bart Stasa and Marsh McLennan Managing Director John Hurley will host a workshop all about errors and omissions for design, engineering and construction professionals. Learn about best practices for contracting, insurance policies, and more. Hosted by the Association of Medical Facility Professionals (AMFP) and Texas A&M’s Center for Health Systems & Design as part of a “Lessons Learned” series. 


Sunday, November 5 | 5:00 – 7:00 PM 
AIA-AAH Next Gen Forum 
Taft Cleveland 
This interactive workshop aims to examine the intersection of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and healthcare architecture. Taft Cleveland joins a panel of guests including Yiselle Santos-Rivera of HKS and Roderic Walton of Moody Nolan, to explore how prioritizing EDI in healthcare design can lead to healthier, more resilient communities. 


Monday, November 6 | 3:45 – 4:45 PM 
Disasters Happen – Important Lessons in Mitigation and Recovery from Survivors 
Greg Heppner and Stet Sanborn 
Hear from a panel of architectural, engineering and construction experts on minimizing the impact of disasters on hospital infrastructure. Architect Greg Heppner and decarbonization engineer and resilience expert Stet Sanborn will join Joseph Whalen and Mark Fulco of Suffolk to share insights from a case study that can help health systems understand how to prevent and recover from catastrophic disruptions. 


Tuesday, November 7 | 1:15 – 2:15 PM 
Flexible Hospital Design – A Universal Care Design Tested 
Kent Hetherwick, Vince Avallone, Y Pham 
SmithGroup’s design for the California Pacific Medical Center, Van Ness Campus hospital seeks to support and enhance interprofessional collaboration and patient care with a unique shared universal care model. In the four years since its opening, our team has collaborated with Sutter Health to study the impact of the design on patients, families and staff. Kent Hetherwick, Vince Avallone and Y Pham will team up with Chief Nurse Executive at Sutter Health, Jim Benney, to share findings.