We’re naturally drawn to the places where land and water meet: for commerce, recreation, community identity, and quality of life. But water is more than a place; it is also a lifegiving resource to be valued, managed, and enhanced. How a community develops and cares for its waterfront and water resources has the potential to shape the way people live, work and play there for generations to come.

Ayia Napa Marina SmithGroup Waterfront

Ayia Napa Marina

As recognized experts in waterfront planning and design, SmithGroup partners with our clients and communities to integrate the complex components required to engage water for both placemaking benefit and resource enhancement. Along rivers, lakes and oceans around the world, our Waterfront market helps create more vibrant places that add transformative value to a community, preserve and enhance ecological function and integrity, and support abundant opportunities for water-based redevelopment, recreation, and education.

Port Huron

Blue Water River Walk, Port Huron

Ocean Reef Islands and Marina SmithGroup

Ocean Reef Islands and Marina, Panama

Milliken State Park and Harbor SmithGroup

 Milliken State Park and Harbor, Detroit

Euclid Waterfront

Joseph Farrell Memorial Fishing Pier, Euclid, OH