Alyson Goff

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Alyson’s career as a Higher Education Strategist began when she was still a university student herself. “An internship exposed me to the operational component of universities, which really intrigued me,” she explains. Two master’s degrees and a couple of professional positions later, she found herself managing a campus master plan. “It was fascinating to see how all the inputs came together to develop a comprehensive plan,” she recalls. Now Alyson enjoys “bridging data with implementation” to help her higher education clients find solutions. COVID-19 added a new wrinkle. “The long-term implications of the pandemic are forcing us to not only rethink how we measure space use, but how we think of space as a strategic asset,” she muses. Alyson professes to having a curious nature and often thought she’d pursue a career as a journalist. “To this day, I still think of myself as a storyteller,” remarks Alyson. She’s also a card player—a pastime that pairs nicely with her love of craft beer.