Andrew Brumbach

  • Andrew Brumbach SmithGroup Boston, Health Studio Leader Architecture
  • Andrew Brumback SmithGroup Boston Architecture Health Studio leader

For Andrew, fulfilling his role as Healthcare Studio Leader means “constantly thinking about the humanity of the users of our spaces,” he says. “The firm’s ‘Design a Better Future’ vision merges perfectly with the mission of most of our healthcare clients. Keeping those missions front and center in our work is critical in how I lead design, planning and strategy.” Andrew brings empathetic listening skills to the table. “I enjoy the problem solving required to address complex and sometimes contradictory needs,” he suggests. “It’s important to take the time to really hear and understand those needs. I try to listen, absorb, translate and integrate those messages into the project. His love for connecting people goes beyond his work. In his free time, Andrew loves to grow food in his garden which he uses to cook and bring people together over a savory meal.