Carrie Perrone

  • Carrie Perrone Principal Higher Education Studio Leader Phoenix Architecture
  • Carrie Perrone Phoenix Arizona Higher Education

Studying abroad while in high school not only inspired a career, it gave Carrie a rather worldly perspective for a teen. “It allowed me to appreciate how architecture and the built environment around us tells a story of time, place and culture,” she remarks. Now when Carrie takes on a higher education project, she envisions the impact far down the road. “Architecture is designing the human experience and can positively impact the way we live, learn, feel and interact,” she says. “I am passionate about working on campus buildings because of the essential need for higher education and its ability to better our society. Building spaces to support the action of learning at a higher level enables society to solve issues around social justice, cure diseases, sustain employment and inform people to make better decisions.” Carrie does her part to better society after hours, too. She has donated her design services for a women’s shelter and volunteers with her sons through Boys Team Charity to address food insecurity, refugee housing, domestic violence and other issues in their community.