Ivo Rozendaal

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“Walking around the Netherlands as a child, I was always impressed by the impact innovative and thoughtfully designed buildings could have to inspire, amuse, educate and serve,” Ivo recalls. Now Ivo says he is humbled to help clients “realize their long-held dreams, especially those driven by an intent to create spaces that strives to better people’s lives and the community.” He offers a broad area of expertise range from corporate campuses, such as transforming  300,000+ square feet of workspace for General Motors, to  destination experiences like The Sylvee music venue or American Players Theatre, a one of a kind outdoor classical amphitheater in a wooded river valley west of Madison. Ivo always looks forward to the planning phase of a project, “as the client looks to define a path forward for their vision,” he explains. “Each project is an exciting new puzzle to discover potential which has not previously been realized.”