Kathleen Hudson-Beitz

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  • Detroit, MI
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"I really admire the creative, talented designers I work with," says Kathleen. "Their work can affect such emotion. I love connecting them with clients and then watching the magic happen." Kathleen brings her own business acumen and skills to the table as a director of business development in the Detroit office. "I saw a niche that most architects needed help with: developing strong business strategies," she explains. She uses her background to help technical staff understand "what really drives clients and how design can impact them in such a positive way." Kathleen has been in the industry for a long time. "I used to be the youngest person in the room, and the only woman most of the time,” she says. "Now there are many more women at the table. And I’m helping to make decisions that have brought the firm double-digit revenue growth." Kathleen’s marketing savvy doesn’t stop when she leaves the office. "My son is a high school senior and wants to play football in college. So I’ve learned how to be his sports agent—developing highlight videos, websites, and navigating the recruiting process."