Kim Swanson


"Snapping pictures at construction sites captures the beauty that I find in the process of building."

Along with designing and managing projects at the forefront of sustainable design, Kim speaks at regional and national conferences to foster new ideas for the design community. Architecture seems to be the perfect fit with her inquisitive, open-minded attitude. “I like to solve problems and draw from the perspectives of others,” agrees Kim. “I look forward to making our buildings beautiful and highly functional.” While Kim did not know any architects growing up, she draws inspiration both from her parents (mom taught her to make her own clothes, while her aircraft mechanic father fostered an explorative spirit) and grandmother (“She traveled the world and remained curious about different cultures and perspectives throughout her life.”) Kim’s curious nature also extends to photography. “Snapping pictures at construction sites captures the beauty that I find in the process of building,” she explains of her construction photography, which has been featured in four exhibitions. “And it feeds my need to understand how buildings are put together.”

Sustainable Design

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di San Francisco Study Abroad Scholarship -- Dante Alighieri, Rome

Professional Credentials
American Institute of Architects (AIA), LEED Accredited Professional, Building Design + Construction (LEED AP BD+C)

P 415.365.3419
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Community Involvement

Kim enjoys volunteering as an AIA San Francisco Chapter mentor, a forum for cross-generational interaction.  In this volunteer role, she works with emerging professionals in the area of leadership and relationship-building, while providing them tools on their path to fulfilling the requirements of licensure. With this group, Kim has been known to participate in construction visits, office visits, and portfolio and resume review.

Community Involvement