Nate Koschmann

  • Nate Koschmann Higher Education SmithGroup Chicago Architecture
  • Nate Koschmann Higher Education Studio Leader Chicago Architecture

“Higher education is a door to opportunity, but a door that has not been open for everybody,” says Nate. “If we can build welcoming, inclusive higher education environments, we are helping to build institutions that reflect and support our full society.” While different programs require different approaches, Nate believes there are common attributes that benefit all higher education clients and end users: durable, high-performance enclosures; warm, light-filled interiors; and connected indoor-outdoor spaces. And don’t forget fun: “I feel comfort and fun are undervalued, underexplored and underutilized in higher education environments.” Nate himself loves music (old stereos, big speakers) and gardening. He has a penchant for tropical plants, a challenge in Chicago’s climate. “I do like caring for plants. I don’t have a green thumb, so it’s a lot of trial and error,” he concedes.