A Deep Dive Into Top Research Industry Trends

A Deep Dive into Top Research Industry Trends | SmithGroup

Our Client Advisory Board was created as a forum to ask questions and explore ideas with organizations on the leading edge of Science and Technology. What we learn from these exchanges energizes our design process. 

Earlier this year, SmithGroup's Science & Technology Practice hosted a guided client engagement charrette exploring key drivers, current trends, challenges and opportunities as well as what the future holds. We brought together experts from Arizona State University, Wexford Science & Technology, DPR Construction and Transwestern for in-depth conversations around the following topics: Flexibility, Resiliency, Private Partnerships, Return on Investment and Speed to Market.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed “business as usual” for the near future, we remain focused and dedicated to understanding the trends influencing research and laboratory environments. Each of these topics will be increasingly important to consider as we look to develop the next generation of innovation spaces. Tackling the challenges will require a holistic understanding of the inherent challenges, and a willingness to think beyond traditional approaches to seek new synergies and opportunities.

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