An ever-popular hub of the Pacific Northwest that crackles with creative energy, Portland has long been one of the nation’s greenest cities. Straddling the Willamette River and ringed with thickly forested hills, the city’s setting makes the most of the region’s rugged beauty, and its history of thoughtful urban planning has made it a model of smart growth initiatives and multi-modal infrastructure. This history, combined with Portland’s dedication to sustainability and vibrant design community, perfectly aligns with our mission to Design a Better Future for our clients, our communities and ourselves. 

SmithGroup’s presence in Portland reflects the region’s dynamic appeal and serves as our home base for the Pacific Northwest. We are eager to share our team of local experts and our national expertise with a city and region whose legacy mirrors our sustainability goals and commitment to climate action. Through our Health, Urban Design, Workplace and Higher Education practices, our designers create new ways for the area to advance its legacy, enriching the human experience and enhancing its built environment. 

Portland SmithGroup Office Downtown Skyline View