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SmithGroupJJR's approach to landscape and site design is based on the principle that open space networks and the natural environment provide the most sustainable foundation for development. Whether designing a park, a cultural destination, or a corporate campus, the land itself must guide our planning and design decisions. We explore how a landscape works and how people interact with it to create the most effective connection between people and place. This organic approach results in designs that are truly striking, in both form and function.

Our interdisciplinary teams of landscape architects, civil engineers and environmental scientists bring a uniquely integrated perspective to each project. Our expertise encompasses transforming brownfield sites into new public parks. Enhancing patient well-being with outdoor healing environments. Increasing workplace satisfaction and performance through a connection to natural open space.

Reconnecting neighborhoods with greenways and trail systems. Reducing stormwater and flooding problems through ecological restoration and green infrastructure. We are proud to have received the American Society of Landscape Architecture’s Firm Award for our contributions to the profession, as well as awards from national and international organizations dedicated to engineering and environmental research.

We also develop and apply metrics for measuring design performance. Our team of LEED-accredited professionals provides an in-depth knowledge of the latest site performance benchmarks, including the Sustainable Sites Initiative, the Architecture 2030 Challenge, and the Landscape Architecture Foundation Landscape Performance Series. It’s an approach that makes environmental stewardship an integral part of the physical, economic and ethical infrastructure – helping to foster true site sustainability.

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When you work with SmithGroupJJR, you become an integral part of the creative team because you bring insights that make your project distinctly yours. We listen and we hear. It's where great design begins. To learn more contact us.

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