Glenborough, LLC


188 Embarcadero Lobby

San Francisco, California

1,560 GSF, 145 M2

Interior Architecture, Lighting Design, Programming


Cool, minimalist—and highly cost-effective—this small lobby renovation had big impact: drawing attention and new clients to this 8-story building in San Francisco’s competitive South of Market district. Glenborough LLC embraced the down economy, using the opportunity to optimize their budget and completely transform the lobby and recreated the front entrance of the building to elevate curb appeal.

The first step was to replace an existing deli with a comfortable seating area, increasing functionality. A long hallway remained, connecting two entrances that led to a central reception and primary elevator core. An L-shaped, black quartz bench adds crisp contrast to the otherwise neutral-toned space, highlighted by a playful feature wall patterned with barely-there seashells and backlit with energy-efficient LED lighting.

The modern, tasteful design is appropriate for a prime location boasting stunning views of the San Francisco Bay. Drawing a real competitive advantage in an aggressive business market, Glenborough leveraged their design investment to attract and retain new clients.