Argonne National Laboratory


Advanced Protein Characterization Facility


The new APCF houses cutting-edge laboratories that provide researchers with the most advanced technology for protein science experiments in the United States. SmithGroupJJR's design enhances structural biology and protein function analysis efforts by providing highly specialized research space devoted to characterization of the most challenging classes of proteins and assemblies—work that is currently slowed by cumbersome infrastructure limitations.

Connections and flexibility being essential, APCF seamlessly fits into the fabric of the Argonne campus and links directly to the Advanced Proton Source Experiment Hall, where the proteins go after crystallization in the new facility. The concept to use two 11-foot lab modules, incorporated to support flexibility, were so successful during planning that the design team developed them into four building footprints prior to bidding, allowing for the final plan to be selected with a determined price. The resulting cost-effective solution maximizes the footprint and renders the modular system easily adaptable over time.

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