St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


Chili's Care Center, Integrated Patient Care and Research Building

“The Chili's Care Center is a significant part of our long-term strategy to translate basic research at St. Jude into the most advanced and effective care of patients.”

—Dr. William Evans, Director and CEO


For its first-ever facility with both laboratory and clinical-care settings, St. Jude engaged SmithGroupJJR to create a home for studying and treating children with cancer and other catastrophic childhood diseases. The sophisticated, vertically integrated facility for translational research promotes multidisciplinary collaboration to serve critically ill children.

Chili's Care Center bridges healthcare and research on many levels. A system of modular, interchangeable clinical and research blocks allows for flexibility, while innovative horizontal and vertical circulation keep separate the flow of patients, visitors and staff. This also reduces infection risks for immunosuppressed children.

SmithGroupJJR interviewed patients and parents to guide the child-centered interior layout. Designed for a minimum 45-day stay, the nursing units have a spacious family room adjacent to each patient room, rather than shared family support areas—a significant evolution of the current standard of care.

Most critical, these collaborative facilities allow faster bench-to-bedside translation of important scientific discoveries.

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