CoreLogic Headquarters Renovation

Corelogic Interior Front Desk Workplace Office Design
CoreLogic Interior Workplace California Interior Collaboration
Corelogic interior Workplace office design california
Corelogic interior Workplace office design california

By restacking several floors in its West Coast headquarters tower, CoreLogic enjoys a more effective and equitable workplace, exemplified by an amenity center that fosters community among employees and clients. 




Irvine, California


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90,000 GSF

A real estate data analytics firm with more than 5,000 employees, CoreLogic is headquartered in Orange County, California, where it occupies several floors in an Irvine office tower. The firm leased the ground floor for its conference/training rooms, dining and other services, while floors 6 through 10 housed reception and employee work areas. The disjointed distribution of space inhibited interaction among team members, who tended to stay on their own floors and rarely made use of the ground-floor amenities. Through visioning and strategic programming exercises, the team concluded that a more interconnected workplace would better engage employees and establish a stronger firm culture and identity.  


Corelogic interior working spaces

Achieved through phased construction, the space reallocation creates an amenity-rich hub on the ninth floor, new department suites and workstations on adjacent floors, and updated finishes throughout. The project eliminated the client’s need for 11,000 sf of space on the ground floor, resulting in a contiguous and more cohesive workplace on floors 6-10. Floor 9 became the nexus of the CoreLogic headquarters, active throughout the day and the dynamic public face of the firm. 


A concierge-style reception area greets arrivals to the ninth floor, where they may be ushered into adjacent conference rooms, training rooms, or the 3,350 sf employee lounge, which occupies the building’s southeast quadrant and offers a sweeping corner view of Irvine’s neighborhoods and distant hills.


CoreLogic Interior Design Workplace office design

Booths, café tables and other seating scatter around the lounge, where visitors and employees gather for conversation, coffee and snacks from the gallery-style pantry, presentations on high-definition screens, or an impromptu game of backgammon or ping pong. Operable partitions open to the training rooms to create a 5,500 sf flexible event space.   


The project provided the opportunity for CoreLogic to reevaluate its team adjacencies, functions and existing workspaces across its other floors. Renovations brought new department suites, breakout spaces and workstations more evenly distributed among the different levels, along with new furniture and updated finishes in a palette of natural tones punctuated by colorful wall graphics and upholstery. Whether focused on solo work or collaborative work on the ninth floor, employees throughout CoreLogic benefit from a more streamlined and engaging workplace while showcasing the brand identity.