Washington, DC Office of Planning


Downtown DC Action Agenda


How can planning and design support the creation of vibrant, 24-hour city neighborhoods? SmithGroupJJR helped answer that question for downtown District of Columbia, which until the late 1990s was an isolated area, deserted at night and on weekends by its predominantly 9-to-5 office worker population.
To help energize the downtown and knit it more tightly into the city's residential and cultural fabric, SmithGroupJJR collaborated on a new vision: a reanimated mixed-use district, connected by walkable, lively streetscapes.
Ideas for catalyzing private investment came through brainstorming with the D.C. Office of Planning, stakeholders, businesses, other consultants, and members of the community. The ideal mix of uses pinpointed residential, retail and cultural offerings, located in more compact proximity.
The implementation strategy—leveraging private investment—helped ensure fast action and long-term success. The team provided investors with a guide for siting and connecting new development. These ideas paved the way for such award-winning projects as the International Spy Museum and Terrell Place.