The HON Company


HON Headquarters

Muscatine, Iowa

68,000 GSF, 6315 M2

Interior Architecture, Programming

Sustainable Programs
LEED for Commercial Interiors (CI) (LEED-CI)-Silver

Honorable Mention -- Corporate Office over 10,000 sf, Design Excellence Awards

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“We wanted our new headquarters to celebrate what we have here, while demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.”

—Tim Smith, Ret. VP, Workplace Environment


Commitment to their Muscatine-community and sustainability were key design drivers for the headquarters renovation of HON, a maker of practical and professional office furniture. Working with the inherent constraints of the century-old former window sash factory, SmithGroupJJR captured the unique character and adapted the facility into an environmentally progressive workplace.

Facility goals included an “an open, productive and approachable environment" according to HON executives. Combing the historic language of exposed brick and timber revealed during demolition, with new interior construction, the new workplace is clean, contemporary and flexible. Workspaces were reprogrammed into a mix of open workstations, private offices and collaboration zones. The effect on employees, who report gains in output and work enjoyment, quickly validated the company's approach.

The recycled building is super-green, too: more than 75% of the demolition and waste was diverted from the landfill and existing building materials were repurposed for conference tables. In operation, the new building is highly energy efficient: large skylights and interior light wells bring natural daylight into the workspace, while upgraded and modern HVAC systems reduce operating costs for years to come.

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