Indiana University


Indiana University Bloomington Campus Master Plan

Bloomington, Indiana

1,933 acres, 782 hectares

Architecture, Engineering, Campus Planning, Landscape Architecture, Master Planning, Programming

Merit Award -- Excellence in Planning for an Existing Campus, Honor Award -- Landscape Architectural Design

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“When I look back on all our office was able to accomplish in less than two years, I have to give a lot of credit to this visionary blueprint, which allowed us to hit the ground running.”

—William Brown, Director of Sustainability


SmithGroupJJR worked with Indiana University’s flagship Bloomington campus (IUB) to create the most comprehensive campus master plan in its history. The award-winning plan provided IUB with innovative solutions for increasing research and academic space, preserving vital architectural and landscape heritage, and establishing a forward-looking sustainable framework.

Understanding the campus as a series of neighborhoods, the plan breaks the mold of single-use zoning with denser living/learning communities brought closer to the core. The master plan also advances a holistic approach to sustainability, identifying ways to significantly enhance environmental integrity and save energy while accommodating 25-percent campus growth.

Restoration of the Jordan River and a 50% reduction of impervious surfaces will mitigate campus flooding while returning stormwater run-off to presettlement rates. Cutting-edge energy and water use modeling underlie strategies for reducing IUB’s greenhouse gas emissions by 30% and its water use by 50% over the next 20 years. The result is a transformative commitment to sustainable campus growth and development.

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