State of Utah


Utah Unified State Laboratory

Salt Lake City, Utah

72,055 GSF, 6,694 M2

Lab Planning

“This is a very forward-thinking building that is exactly where we need to go as a country.”

—Scott Becker, Director


In an effort to promote collaboration and sharing between various departments, Utah’s Department of Health needed a new campus and facility to replace their existing space located on the University of Utah campus and constructed in 1972. They developed a phased-master plan that would create additional buildings and spaces in a location dedicated solely to the department and improving the lives of all state residents.

This first facility on the campus is an “all-hazards preparedness” environment that will enable the department to better adapt to a post 9/11 world. Working with architect VCBO, SmithGroupJJR developed lab planning and design vision. The advanced labs include a BSL-3 suite that consists of five isolation laboratories. A number of shared areas accommodate training during normal working conditions or for use during surge situations and include laboratories, classrooms and conference space. This new facility upgrades previous laboratory conditions and the campus will eventually phase in other state partners including the Department of Agriculture, Crime Lab and Office of the Medical Examiner to create cohesiveness unachievable in their previous home.

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