Society's Cage - How to Host


Society’s Cage is designed to contribute to conversations about racism in our society. The pavilion was never intended to be specific to a single site or location, but rather to travel to many locations to provide as many people as possible the opportunity to experience it. 

The installation is an emotive and introspective experience intended to allow visitors to reflect and meditate on the impact of racist institutions. We believe this is the first step towards acknowledgement and building empathy in order to create change.  

Through that vision we seek host sites that will enable the intended immersive experience. 



The following conditions are most conducive to creating the experience desired for Society’s Cage. We will evaluate all potential host locations against these criteria: 

  1. A large, reasonably level space, preferably outdoors in appropriate climates, that is open to the public 

  2. Access to power to run the installation's lights and soundscape

  3. Low ambient noise levels  

  4. Low light pollution, or controllable lighting 

  5. A fully accessible site, that will not limit patrons will low mobility 

  6. A site that allows for easy access on foot or with ample appropriate parking nearby

  7. Ability to recruit, coordinate and manage volunteer docents during operational hours



While COVID-19 remains a threat to public health, we ask that hosts of Society’s Cage reinforce basic safety precautions for anyone visiting the installation. On-site security and docents should prevent visitors from touching the hanging bars, require visitors to wear a mask, and encourage visitors to use the provided hand sanitizer. Visitors should enter the pavilion alone or with their family group only.


Society's Cage



Entities interested in hosting the Society’s Cage installation who believe they meet the necessary site criteria above, should download the host information package and contact:

Dayton Schroeter
dayton.schroeter [at] (Email)
(202) 974-0734