Structural Engineering

A necessity for every design, a well-engineered structure provides the basic skeleton and framework for a building. It also can become a key element in forming and expressing the design intent. SmithGroup’s structural design team is founded on a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of structural engineering and material behaviors. Then we extend and apply that understanding beyond traditional parameters. By combining our technical expertise with problem-solving ingenuity and creativity, SmithGroup provides insightful engineered solutions that have exceptional value.

First Automotive Works SmithGroup

At SmithGroup, our structural engineering team views structure as something to be expressed and celebrated. Clients benefit from our extensive experience with the newest technology and materials to creatively respond to every design challenge. As early adopters of the SE 2050 Challenge, our structural engineers are innovating solutions to achieve net zero embodied carbon in our structural systems designs.

Our team explores all design possibilities, examining the impact of budget constraints, space allocations and design intent. As an active part of every project team, we approach each project with a collaborative “hands on” perspective to serve our clients, seeking innovative solutions that are practical, cost effective, functional—and worthy of celebration.