Hsiao-Lin Hu

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  • San Francisco, CA
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As a healthcare designer, says Hsiao-Lin, "I am cognizant of the immense impact that a well-designed and thoughtful hospital experience can have on the healing process of our patients." She believes design is beyond bridging the transition between clinical and comfortable. "I always think fun is the best medicine for kids, and similarly, a good design should enhance the intangible healing of mind and emotions." Hsiao-Lin spearheads a monthly Interior Architecture Design Exchange in the San Francisco office to elevate interior design by exchanging design knowledge, surfacing the best ideas within the team and being a leadership conduit to other offices. She also enjoys learning about perspectives unrelated to work. "Right now, I’m fascinated with the minimalist movement—not in design, but in how we think," she explains. "When you can compartmentalize aspects of your life, you are able to make space for something else." At home, Hsiao-Lin makes time to watch her collection of 3-D animation movies with her kids and designs outfits for their computer avatar. "I am fascinated at how the art has progressed and how it expands the imagination."