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"Our work can positively impact the way people learn, work and interact," suggests Amanda, an interior designer in the Dallas office. "We remember moments, like sharing a meal with friends in an atmosphere that resonates with us. Spaces are sometimes what make an experience memorable." Amanda has fond memories of her first SmithGroup project: the University of Michigan South Quad renovation, upgrading a 1950s residence and dining hall for students in athletics and honors programs. As a former student athlete herself (softball), Amanda says, "I recall my college experience so fondly. I wanted to ensure that the space I helped design left a positive impact on their college experience, too." Her college coach conveyed some lasting lessons. As Amanda explains, he reminded his players that they had the opportunity to do what many could only dream about—play ball for four years and walk away with a college degree. "The message resonated with me: Make the time and experience count."