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Erin applies a storytelling lens to her work in business development. “I’m interested in the stories buildings tell about the people who use them—their culture, history, how individuals and groups communicate and innovate,” she remarks. Erin is passionate about serving the firm’s Healthcare, S&T, Higher Ed and Workplace markets and identifies as “a science and technology nerd,” excited about the work the firm’s clients are doing in genomics and neuroscience. “Designing a better future isn’t just about the work we do,” she says. “It’s about understanding our clients’ work on such a deep level that we become mutually vested in their success.” A former Division One athlete and a classically trained musician who played woodwinds with the Hartford (Conn.) Symphony, Erin values teamwork. She’s drawn to archaeology and classical architecture too, particularly the 18th dynasty Egyptian temple at Karnak. “I like the stories that artifacts tell about human history,” she explains. “I always thought I’d end up digging holes in the desert somewhere.”