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When it comes to connecting with people, Georgia eagerly rises to the challenge. “You have something in common with everyone,” she surmises. “You just have to be engaging and open enough to discover it.” Working in business development takes a fair amount of research, says Georgia, which she deftly partners with those connection skills of hers. “The hardest part is the first engagement,” she explains. “Every day I’m challenged to engage strangers in conversation, find what connections I have with them and develop that into long-lasting relationships.” She says the uniqueness of the architecture industry is what calls to her. While her career track has been pretty straight, Georgia’s outside interests reveal some unexpected jogs. Along with a fondness for football and ‘80s hair bands, Georgia once was an instructor for the Pennsylvania State Game Commission’s Hunter/Trapper Education Program. These days, her favorite outdoor pursuit is fishing the local lakes from the cockpit of her kayak.