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In the realm of interpersonal connections, Georgia enthusiastically embraces every opportunity.  She confidently states, “Common ground can be found with anyone – you simply need to approach them with genuine interest and receptiveness.” In her role in business development, Georgia adeptly combines her extensive research skills, exceptional ability to establish connections and her experience with multiple client and project types.  According to her, “Initiating the initial interaction is often the most challenging aspect.” Each day presents Georgia with the task of initiating dialogues with unfamiliar individuals, identifying shared points of interest, and nurturing these connections into enduring relationships. While her career track has been pretty straight, Georgias outside interests reveal some unexpected jogs. Along with a fondness for football and ‘80s hair bands, Georgia once was an instructor for the Pennsylvania State Game Commission’s Hunter/Trapper Education Program. These days, her favorite outdoor pursuit is fishing in the local lakes from the cockpit of her kayak.