Ball State University


Ball State University Master Plan

Muncie, Indiana

730 acres/295 hectares; 16,500 students

Campus Planning, Landscape Architecture, Master Planning

“The beauty of this is that it’s a living, breathing document.”

—Bernard Hannon, VP for Business Affairs


Ball State University embodies the innovative spirit of its founders, the industrialist entrepreneurial Ball brothers of glass container fame. As the university approaches its 100th anniversary in 2018, it is proactively addressing contemporary issues facing higher education in new ways. The institution’s strategic plans emphasize an academic experience focused on entrepreneurial learning; a vibrant residential community; stable enrollment targets focused on quality; supporting the state-wide economy; and re-use of resources amongst dwindling public funding.

In alignment with these priorities, SmithGroupJJR worked with Ball State to create the university’s first comprehensive master plan in more than 20 years. The planning process involved the entire campus community with a “virtual town hall” website that garnered nearly 30,000 page views. Responding to the university’s commitment to 21st Century learning programs, the Campus Master Plan proposes three academic commons as collaborative nodes that will encourage interaction across disciplines in a way traditional academic buildings on campus do not. A new East Mall will anchor a connected system of open spaces, again encouraging interdisciplinary and collegiate exchange while better connecting town and gown. These initiatives will enliven existing and proposed residential neighborhoods, engage the university and local community, and enhance opportunities for partnership.

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