Langxia Ecological Park International Wellness Vacation Town

Jinshan Langxia Wellness SmithGroup
Jinshan Langxia Wellness SmithGroup
Jinshan Langxia Wellness Smithgroup

The Jinshan Langxia Ecological Park International Wellness Vacation Town will be a lively development with active adult housing integrated into a resort-style community with an array of amenities to serve residents. It is an exciting opportunity to create a new lifestyle model that meets the special needs of China’s burgeoning economic advancement and aging population.


Shanghai Yihe Investment Management, Co., Ltd.


Shanghai, China


Architecture, Campus Planning, Health & Wellness, Health, Programming, Senior Living, Sustainable Design


1,900,000 GSF

After decades of successful economic growth, China has fostered a large group of citizens who are financially successful. They have established broad social connections and demand a highly diverse quality of life. This shift in the market created a unique opportunity to develop new senior living options for this growing retirement-age population. The planned Langxia Ecological Park International Wellness Vacation Town is an authentic and dynamic “vacation town” with diverse, year-round programs focused on healthy, active, affluent retirees.

This Wellness Vacation Town is a destination community for seniors who desire a new lifestyle option for retirement; an option that enhances and encourages active choices, is supported by wellness philosophies, provides for all needs in the aging process, and has integrated healthcare services.  It is a Five-Star, sustainable environment, complemented with a concierge service program of operation.

Designing for seniors is a highly specialized area. It requires a strong understanding of the relationship between the elderly and their physical environment, as well as the foresight to design for various stages of an individual’s retirement years. Our designers considered both the programming and planning of the community, as well as highly specific design features – such as architectural details, finishes, materials, lighting, and circulation – all of which were designed to best accommodate active seniors. These details help foster physical and mental health while mitigating potential catastrophic falls and injuries.

Age-friendly design was not only important at the building scale, but also at the urban scale. Circulation throughout the development is tailored to senior needs – from walking trails that are universally designed, to the amount of time at crosswalks, and even the type of materials used for paving.

Our design team brought innovative ideas and solutions on how to make the community attractive to potential residents, within an environment that includes rich social, cultural, and educational activities that ensure a convenient, dignified, meaningful and diverse retirement life that provides the ultimate sense of well-being.