The Trousdale

trousdale assisted living smithgroup
Trousdale Assisted living SmithGroup
Trousdale SmithGroup
Trousdale Assisted Living SmithGroup
trousdale assisted Living SmithGroup
trousdale smithgroup
trousdale assisted living smithgroup
trousdale smithgroup

Recognizing the volatility of the economy and senior living housing market, the design for this urban assisted living and memory care facility builds in maximum flexibility.


Peninsula Health Care District


Burlingame, California


Health & Wellness, Health, Senior Living


150,332 SF

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American Institute of Architects - Design for Aging, 2019

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When the Peninsula Health Care District moved forward with plans to develop an assisted living complex for its residents, it wanted to ensure that the facility would be able to adapt over the years to the changing marketplace. The resulting design from SmithGroup features modular units that can be joined in various combinations to create residences of different sizes and styles.

trousdale assisted living smithgroup

Depending on how the units are joined or separated, The Trousdale complex can range from approximately 92 to 136 units, giving it significant adaptability to changing market conditions. The Trousdale design also allows for flexibility in the types of services the community provides. Each floor can accommodate assisted living or memory care services, depending on demand.

trousdale assisted living smithgroup

As a publicly-funded facility intended for mid-Peninsula residents, the design is purposefully vibrant, welcoming and transparent to the community. A bistro-style café for residents and their guests occupies a prominent street-level corner, easily visible to passersby. From the front entry, views extend through the lobby to an attractive courtyard. The community’s health clinic provides exam space to bring medical and dental care to the residents, and its ground floor education room can host community events. Large windows, terraces, and balconies help connect residents to the greater Peninsula neighborhood.